Posted by: Deborah Drezon Carroll | July 26, 2010

Our Day to Show Off the Best and Worst!

Welcome Sitstas! Today’s our day to be the featured blog on the incredible SITS (The Secret is in the Support) community. In that virtual world, bloggers from around the corner and around the globe share their thoughts, feelings, talents, passions, great deals, and more, with anyone who enjoys a good read. And, they help each other to grow by featuring a blog each day, and encouraging thousands of readers to visit and comment. We refer to each other as “sitstas” and that’s perfect for us because this blog is about a family that includes three sisters. (and their mom and dad) If you currently find yourself mysteriously humming, “We are family, I’ve got all my sistahs with me,” you are not alone, and you’re in the right mood to read the rest of this entry.

Here’s how this blog was born. Last Halloween, our oldest daughter, Alexis, got married.

A bride and groom carved pumpkin!

The wedding was a blast. As my friend Melanie said, “It was the perfect combination of an elegant party with a real throw down.”

The weather was a treat! The trick was that Dad was the officiant!

Throughout the night, friends and folks from the groom’s side continually came up to my husband and me and said, “Your girls are amazing. How did you get three so good?” Our daughters were a joy to watch. They danced, laughed, gave speeches, and were thoroughly entertaining all night. I could understand why people were impressed, but I couldn’t help but think that, the fact is, they’re not extraordinary young women. They haven’t cured cancer in the basement, or won the Nobel Prize in anything. They haven’t competed in the Olympics, or adopted kids from Malawi. They’re just… well, they’re really nice, thoughtful, compassionate, and caring people. They love each other and they love life. They all became teachers! They’re good kids. (Although hardly kids anymore as they’re all in their 20s.) But, I wondered, how did we do it? Because, let’s face it, we’re not exactly rocket scientists, either and it’s not like we knew what we were doing or anything.

People struggle to raise good kids and aren’t always pleased with the results. How, indeed, did we get so lucky? Or, does luck not play a part? I thought about how I could figure it out and I decided, why not go to the horses’ mouths? Why not ask my girls what they think we did right and wrong as we raised them? Then, maybe we’d learn enough to write a book to help others along the parenting path. Thus, “Raising Amazing Daughters” the blog, and soon to be the book, was conceived. On the blog, I’ll often ask a parenting question and my girls will write about what they remember about how we handled that particular issue. We also discuss our thoughts on everything from men to memories, from fashion to food, from our bodies to our burdens (which are often the same thing). In our book, we’ll look back at the methods my husband and I used in raising the girls and how it all worked out. It will be like a time machine for parents to look into the future and see how the decisions they make when their kids are little are likely to play out later.

So, welcome. Talk to us about your parenting strategies. Together, we’ll figure it out so that everyone’s kids are truly “amazing.” And, if you like what you read, we beg you to subscribe please subscribe to our blog (click to follow us on the top of the right sidebar) and help us convince a book publisher that there is an audience for a book like ours, written by regular people with practical parenting strategies. Big numbers of followers will help a lot in securing a publisher! If you want double the love, also click on the right to fan us on Facebook. For even more sharing of the love, we’d love it if you’d add us to your blogroll.

Plus, as you will see, we love to chat, so if you leave a comment, I promise I’ll answer each one. It may take a while, but I’ll get to you! Even faster if you are funny.

If you’d like to read a sample of our family’s insane talks, discussions, check out this one about how I think my girls could benefit from being like bulldogs. Or, read about how our girls have learned to deal with rude people.  If you’ve ever wondered if your kids are too sensitive, this post about empathy is for you. If you and your daughter ever argue about whether she should dress like a slut the cover of a “Girls Gone Wild” DVD, this post is for you. (Maybe skip that one if you are Lady Gaga’s mom, it’s too late.) You may notice that my girls are close. (Just this morning, Shira called their relationship a club and Tamra said it was more like a cult than a club.) If you wonder about the secrets to raising kids who love each other, wonder no more. Finally, if you love list posts, here’s a list of things I did as a parent that I probably shouldn’t have.

For today’s parenting question, here’s a bold one. Girls, which were the best and worst aspects of our parenting strategies? (Okay, I realize it’s hard to narrow the best down to just one thing, but give it a try.) What would you definitely do and what would you definitely not do? (No retribution, I promise! I can handle the truth!)

Alexis Writes:

Alexis is the oldest.

I just have to say this to the SITS girls, “You like us, you really like us!” Thanks for featuring  us today.
There were a lot of things that were hard about growing up. As the oldest, I always felt like I got the worst of the rules. I was the first one to do everything so I always had the strictest parameters. Then I would hear about the same rule four years later for Shira and it would be like no big deal. Like I wasn’t allowed to sleep at a boy’s house and when I was in high school, co-ed sleepovers happened a lot. So, one time I lied about where I slept and I got caught. Actually I wouldn’t say I got caught, so much as my mom called me out on it and since she asked me directly I didn’t want to lie so I confessed. I wasn’t allowed to sleep over anyone’s house for two months. Four years later, I found out that Shira slept at some boy’s house I think for the senior prom and no one batted an eye. Do I understand the reason for the rule? Yes, I do now, but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t enjoy a  “do over” every now and then concerning some of the rules I had to work through painfully, when Shira and Tamra had an easier time.

Mom Writes:

I'm the mom.

Yeah, I still can’t believe you told the truth when challenged. You’ve never been a good liar. It’s one of your best features! (Especially when I’m pumping you for information about your sisters.)

Tamra Writes:

Tamra is the middle sister.

First of all, I can’t believe we are the featured blog! I never win anything (I guess that comes from being completely not special). But anyway, here we are, totally not exceptional, and totally winners today.

Anyway…what would I definitely not do as a parent? That’s really hard to say. There were definitely things that I did not like when we were growing up, but looking back, I am able to see the rationale for not wanting your daughters to sleep at a boy’s house in high school, or spend 200 dollars on a sweatshirt. While things like that were certainly annoying, they allowed us to make good choices then, and even now. The only thing I think that was totally unreasonable was the rule about junk food. I am all about eating healthy and I understand that children need to learn to eat right.  I love seeing my students’ parents send their kids to our school with healthy snacks and lunches. The kids enjoy eating whatever they bring. However, I do think that there is a difference between eating healthy and depriving yourself and your children. Perhaps if we had been allowed to have some sweets in the house occasionally we would not have been forced to have to binge when our parents weren’t around. We didn’t need to eat Lucky Charms every morning, and we didn’t even need soda in the house, but in moderation, I don’t see anything wrong with some sweets. Also, when you find a pack of Twix and a bag of Cheetos in your child’s closet, there is no need to act as if they have committed a felony. If that is the worst thing you are finding in your 15-year-old’s closet, you should consider yourself lucky. And yes, folks, that is a true story. So what? We had a small bag of treats in our closet for nights when we had nothing to do. It’s not like we had a 5th of vodka in there with it. The fact that we were almost never allowed to have stuff like that, definitely made us want it even more.

P.S. It didn’t help that we found the wrappers from our “stash” in the trashcan. Not only did our parents confiscate the goods, they actually ate them…

Alexis Writes:
I have to agree with Tamra about the junk food. When those treats were discovered you would think our parents had found heroin in the closet. No joke folks, it was like these people thought they needed a life intervention. I was about 18 when the contraband was discovered and I intervened on behalf of my sisters. I admitted to also keeping food in the closet and I said it wasn’t a big deal.

Tamra Writes:
It is difficult to choose the “best” parenting strategy so I’m going to go with a really general one that I think will encompass a lot of other things. Having reasonable expectations was really important in our family. We were not pressured to be the best of everything. It’s not like our parents had low standards for us at all, in fact I think the standards were really high: always try your best, be responsible for yourself, and treat people nicely. Were we encouraged to be on sports teams? Absolutely! Were we expected to be the best on the team? Definitely not. Were we expected to have fun, enjoy ourselves and get along with our teammates, sure. I think some parents expect their kids to be the best at everything, and forget about things like being a good person, taking pride in yourself, and being respectful to other people. So, even now, none of us is curing cancer (although I did diagnose a child with leukemia, sight unseen), but we know how to laugh, we’re responsible, and we know how to treat other people. I don’t think just anyone can say that about their children. We’re not geniuses or members of Mensa, but we’re the best darn regular people you’ll probably ever meet!

Alexis Writes:
I think one of the most important things in our family was that we always stuck up for each other. We have a sister code in my family that’s similar to the movie “Fight Club.” The first rule about sisters is that you don’t talk about sisters. The next rule about sisters is that you don’t talk about sisters. We have secrets between the three of us that no one else knows and no matter what happens between us I know that my sisters will never betray my trust. They will never sell me out, always bail me out of jail (not that I’ve ever been in jail) and would probably lie, cheat or steal for me if necessary. They always have my back and I will always have theirs. This was the expectation in our household — that we would always be there for each other. And that to me is pretty exceptional. I don’t know anyone else who has the kind of relationship with their siblings that I do. Sometimes people don’t understand it but that’s ok because they don’t know about the code. Here are our sister rules: 1. We never betray each others trust. 2. We always seek to laugh and have a good time. 3. We don’t care what anyone thinks or says about us collectively–if you don’t like us, that’s your problem. By the way, Tam, I wouldn’t say that we’re the best regular people. I would say we are the most original : ).

Shira Writes:

Shira is the baby sister.

I spent the night after the senior prom at Erica’s house, and while she was not a nice person, she was female so I don’t know what boy’s house Alexis thinks I slept at. Five years after the prom, when I was living at home after graduating college, I was still not allowed to sleep at a boy’s house when I went to visit a friend from high school. Mike lived in a particularly scary part of West Philadelphia and I thought my parents would be happier with my staying safe in his house all night, rather than driving home alone through the ghetto at 3 am. It wasn’t until the phone rang around 4:30 in the morning that I realized this was not the case; it was my father asking if I was on my way home yet. And he was not happy. While my parents were more lenient with me than Alexis about certain things, co-ed sleep overs was not one of them.

Here, though, is a parenting strategy I didn’t like. I never liked being made to feel guilty about spending money that I had earned. We all started working in my father’s ice cream store the year I was 11, and I was really the only kid my age who had her own money. One summer, I think I was 14 or 15, I treated myself to a rather expensive bathing suit (I think it was somewhere around $70), and my parents were livid. They insisted that I return it and get the money back, but it was my money. I had earned it and felt that I had the right to spend it however I chose. I don’t think there is anything wrong with letting your kids learn some lessons about spending money on their own. Had I been throwing myself into thousands of dollars worth of credit card debt, it might’ve been a good time to step in. But making me feel guilty for spending a measly $70 was ridiculous. After that, I found myself fibbing about how much I spent on certain items, because I didn’t want to deal with another guilt trip. Also, that bathing suit looked fantastic.

Mom Writes:
Actually, I agreed with Shira then and now. I’ve never spent $70 on a bathing suit, but I defend her right to do so!

Shira Writes:
If I have to choose (and for the purpose of this blog I guess I do), I’d say the best thing my parents did, and still do, is that they managed to find a balance between being parents and friends with their children. My father and I took a road trip to New Orleans a few years ago and had the time of our lives. Most of my friends would not be able to spend an entire week with either of their parents without killing each other, but we had a great time. Before we left, I thought we might run out of things to talk about after the first 20 hours in the car, but we never really did. For Alexis’ rehearsal dinner, the three of us decided we wanted to wear the same outfit, and none of us hesitated to include Mom. In our senior years of college, Mom took each one of us on a special trip, just us. I don’t know many people my age that have that kind of relationship with not only one parent, but both. I remember when we were little and Tamra used to be able to earn “dates” with Mom or Dad. After a few months, I wanted to go on “dates” too. I can’t say how they did it, but I’m sure the foundation for our adult relationships was being built from the time we were very little kids.

But, I would still much rather eat a box of Lucky Charms than a cup of Greek yogurt for breakfast. Just saying.

Mom Writes: (And Dad remembers it the same way)

The thing about finding the candy stash that made us angry wasn’t the candy so much as the sneaking. We were seriously into honesty. Looking back, our reaction may have been a bit nuts over the top.

Dad Writes:

I heard Twix is a gateway drug and that bathing suit was $90.



  1. CONGRATS on your SITS day! Mine was Thursday and I’m still basking in the glow.

    I love your site (I’m already a subscriber) and I’m so glad so many people will get the chance to see what you’re all about. Be prepared – you’re going to have A LOT of comments!

  2. Well, I’m so glad you’re the first to comment! And, thanks so much for your good wishes, too.

  3. Congrats!

    I enjoyed reading the post you put up for your feature day. You’re blog sounds really interesting (and so does your book idea)
    I only recently became a parent (my kids are 2.5 and 7 months). My worst fear in becoming a parent was that I would screw my kids up in some irrevocable fashion! (I have chilled out a little, but I’m still not looking forward to the teen years… Although I have a two year old right now, and if I remember my own teen years correctly, there’s not much difference between a two year old and a teen! Especially when the two year old has a decent vocabulary…) 😉
    I’ll be following along now too.
    Glad to have found you.
    Good luck with your plans for publication, etc.

  4. Yeah, the terrible “twos” and the teens have a lot in common. But, the good news is, both phases pass, okay, not all that quickly when you’re going through them, but they do pass! And, some of it is even fun.

  5. This is one of the coolest, most original ideas I’ve ever seen for a blog. LOVE it. I’m subscribing!

    • Thanks! We love being both cool and original! We’re so happy you’ll be hanging with us.

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  7. Yeah, he does crack us up on a regular basis. Thanks so much for stopping by and for saying such nice things.

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    Anyway, love the context of your blog!

    • Best Mom Ever! Wow, a little ice cream goes a long way! But, I bet you really are, just the same.

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  13. I love the concept and tone of your blog and have enjoyed reading the sisters (sometimes divergent!) versions of growing up in their ‘cult’. I’m very close to my sister too even though we’re four years apart. It would be fascinating, and probably traumatic to try and keep a blog with my mum filled with memories!

    I’m subscribing so I can try and catch up with all your various goings-on. Happy SITS day!

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    Beautiful girls, by the way!!

    • Thanks for your words about my girls. I’m sure your son will be well-adjusted… he has a mom who’s already decided he will be, right?

  15. What an adorable blog! Love the statements from written by each family member – especially dads! I have 3 sons, so I’m on the opposite spectrum.

    • Yes, but the spectrum has a lot of common factors. Raising kids is just generally a challenge, no matter who they are!

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    • Thanks for the sweet words. I don’t know if we raised them well but they did turn our fabulous!

  19. So nice to meet all of you. Enjoy your day with even more SITStas! I have two incredible daughters of my own who are my best friends now, so I feel your joy. Now I have a grandson to teach me about boys!

    • Maybe you’ll be blogging with them soon! Good luck. You never know what they’re going to say, as you can see.

    • HA! Grandson? Gee, I wonder what that would be like for me. I grew up only with girls, raised only girls, I have no idea what to do with boys! But, I’m willing to learn.

  20. I admit it, I started off parenting as a candy/sweets nazi myself. But in my defense, I did it for fear of dental hygiene! I learned that lesson the hard way by not properly taking care of my teeth as a child and dealing with the repercussions as an adult. I do NOT want that for my kiddos. HOWEVER….I have eased up. As they reach 4 and 5, they are occasionally allowed juice. And they can have cake and such at parties. We just don’t keep sweets in the house, but we do allow them to indulge periodically. 🙂

    I love the idea of taking the kids, separately, on trips. It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing myself – in the future. In the car just the other day, I was dreaming of how to schedule a long weekend road trip with each of my three babies once they’re all about ten and older. I’m happy to hear your daughters enjoyed that experience.

    I love the concept you have of sharing a blog and making it as if we’re joining a conversation on your back deck. I’m going to go read more!

    • I know just what you mean. My teeth are terrible but, you know what? My girls’ teeth are pristine! Plus, they are making us sound worse than we actually were. Thanks for coming by!

      • I think it’s crazy that you are able to reply to each and every commenter. It’s what I’d do if I had a SITS day too! 🙂

      • I know. I have to get out more!

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    • We are so happy you’re coming back! And, thanks so much for the sweet sentiments. We really do appreciate it.

  25. Congrats, ladies! There are certainly many sides to your story. 🙂

    • Yes, there are and sometimes there are sides to the story that I never saw coming. 🙂

  26. What a great blog! Happy SITS day and I’ll be back! I always worry my daughter is too nice sometimes and that she’ll get hurt but now I’m feeling better…

    • It’s funny. We just read a journal that we wrote when Alexis was 2-5. We often wrote about how we worried a lot that she was too sensitive and, in fact, she is. But, she found a way to deal with it and to use it to her advantage. I think in choosing to be a teacher, she managed to find a profession where her sensitivity works for her, not against her. I bet your daughter will do the same. And, think about it, would you rather her be insensitive? Of course not!

  27. I love that your family shares this blog and the way you take turns with your writing as you would (?) in a discussion. Looking forward to reading more.

    Happy Sits day!

    • We all have a similar writing style in that we write the same way we talk. Sometimes I wish I could be a more “polished” writer but I am what I am, I suppose.

  28. Congratulations on your SITS day! What a wonderful Blog. I hope that my own kids turn out as well adjusted as yours seem. I grew up in a completely average family of 7. My husband always says that our biggest dysfunction is that we are overly functional. I would say you have the same affliction!

    • Overly functional dysfunction! I love that. And, yes, aren’t the completely average people just fabulous to know? Thanks for taking the time to read us and to write to us. We appreciate it.

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    Congratulations on SITS day, you definitely earn the recognition. 🙂 Your daughters (and you!) are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • You are very sweet, we’re so happy you’ll visit again. And, thanks for your kind words about the girls.

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    • Dad is often the star of the show. We’re used to it. Definitely take that stroll with your parents. You’ll be surprised what you learn.

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    • Thanks! We love chatting with fellow mothers of girls. (We like chatting with mothers of boys, too. Let’s face it, we love chatting.) So, yes, come back often and we’ll see what we can do to either help you or make you laugh. (Which is often all you can do!)

  35. Congrats! What beautiful girls. I can not even imagine my girls all grown up, beautiful, and in wedding gowns.
    Looking fwd to reading more. New follower 😉 enjoy your day of celebredom! (that may not be a word)

    Christy Home♥

    • We are loving celebredom! (word or not). Yeah, you know, I wasn’t one of those moms who dreamt of her daughters’ weddings. I didn’t want to rush their growing up and away. But, I must admit, when I saw her in that dress with her sisters walking down the aisle too, I was more than a bit misty. Thanks for following us! We really do appreciate your faith in our ability to entertain!

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    • We are thrilled that you will subscribe. We promise to make it worthwhile. Thanks!

  37. You guys sound so much like my mother and my sisters (I’m the eldest) it’s too funny. I’m sharing this with my sisters…though I have to say we’re more like your mother’s generation. If I had any kids they’d be twentyish I suppose.

    I hope you keep scrapbooks and share them with each other. Digital scrapbooks are great for that…oh, yeah, and I teach you how at my site…just a little bitty plug!! hehehe

    • I’ll be visiting your site tomorrow, just after I finish writing all these replies. I love the idea of a digital scrapbook and have no idea how to do one. Don’t mind the plug. There’s nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion.

  38. That’s so fun that your family contributes to a blog together! That would never, ever happen in my *grouchy* family. I don’t think anyone in my family even reads my blog, let alone would want to contribute to it.
    Kudos to dad for blowing the lid on the Twix underground!
    And, of course, happy SITS day to all of you! 🙂

    Lamb’s Most Recent Post: Cornbread Muffins…with Hotdogs and Spinach!

  39. Sorry you guys are grouchy but at least it sounds like you got a sense of humor. (The dad loved your Twix underground comment.) Thanks for reading and taking the time to write.

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    • Well, we’re so happy you commented today. And, yes, Dad often cracks us up, too.

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    • We love bantering, too. Sometimes we banter a little too much…

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  45. Yeah, it was hard and fun all at the same time. Plus, they taught us a lot, too so it was a win-win.

  46. You ladies (+dad) make an “amazing” family. I can only hope that my daughters grow to be such beautiful women. I may change my ming about candy in the house too. I will definately consider it now! Congrats on your SITS day! Well deserved! I am a follower now and you are added to my blog roll! Look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks so much for linking us on your blog. We love that!

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  48. First of all, Happy SITS Day! Secondly, I think your blog (at least what I’ve read so far) is a great, original idea for a book. Third, I love how you and the girls talk, talk, talk and your husband throws in his 2 cents at the end. It’s pretty funny. Gateway drug, indeed.

  49. I have 2 sisters and boy can I relate to all of this! I’m the youngest of the 3 and I freely admit that my oldest sister was raised sooo much more strictly than I was. I love the revisionist history…that is SO my family. You find out someone has been harboring a grudge over something they totally mis-remember from years ago. Love the dialogue format of your blog…it’s really unique and leaves you wanting to read more!!

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  53. What an awesome blog (and soon to be book)! I love seeing all sides of the equation! Congratulations on being feature today. 🙂

    • All sides welcome. That’s us! Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge what we’re up to.

  54. I only have one child…a daughter…she’s 33 and moved back in with us 7 years ago, but only because she was abandoned by her dork husband with 3 week old twins and we are helping raise them. Is it too late for me to use your ideas? Seriously though…I love your blog and the way you all write in it and I will be back to find out more of what I did right and what I did wrong. Which will tip the scale?

    • Wow, some people are truly despicable. Your daughter is lucky to have you, as are her twins. You definitely tipped the scale the right way. Thanks for joining our discussion.

  55. Stopping by from SITS, congrats on being the FB! Wow your girls sound like they are great people, and it sounds like you guys did a great job raising them! Its fun reading about what everyone in your family thinks, I’ve never read a family blog before! very cool! following you now!

    • Thanks for your very sweet sentiments. And, thanks especially for following us. We’ll make it worth your time, I promise.

  56. Such a fun post! I’m the youngest of 3 girls, and I definitely got a later curfew than my oldest sister haha (to be fair, I didn’t go out nearly as much as she did)

    My parents always gave us healthy food, and soda was only for nights when we ordered pizza. Still, I’ll be darned if my mom didn’t hide her stash of M&Ms from us every single Christmas.

  57. Reactions aside, you’re right about the importance of honesty. As a parent or a human, lying on any level tends to make my knickers twist. It is usually the greater slight in any situation. Happy SITS day to the whole family!

    • Truly, I do believe that honesty is the basis for any healthy relationship and I’m so glad you agree! Thanks for letting us know.

  58. I’ve heard that about Twix too. AH ha ha. Happy Sits Day and what a fabulous fam ya’ll are!

    • Who knew the truth about Twix was so well known? 🙂

  59. what a gorgeous family! lucky you to have such wonderful girls. Happiest SITS day ever!

    • I am lucky, you are so right. Thanks for stopping by and yes, I am having the best SITS day ever.

  60. Congrats on your well-deserved SITS Day! I can’t wait til I can sit down and read your whole blog! I have twin daughters who are just 3 right now, but I’ll be needing your advice from both mom and daughters’ perspectives (and dad too!). This would definitely make a great book!

    • Ooh, twin girls, double the fun… all at once! Good luck and thanks for your kind words about our potential book. Fingers are crossed!

  61. Enjoy your day! What an amazing family!!!

  62. your blog reminds me of our kitchen table…i am one of 5. i love how you all can bring a sense of humor and perspective to issues. i think your blog will make a charming and helpful book. popping in from sits…congratulations on your big day!

    • I’m going to use that in my next book proposal. “We’ll be charming and helpful.” Love it! Thanks for hanging with us for a few moments.

  63. How have I not discovered your blog until now! I have two sisters and when we get together we have the best time. I wish they both lived in my hometown so we could see each other more often.

    Congrats on your special day!

    • I am so glad you found us at last. We also don’t all live close together, with two of the girls in one state and one in another. But, when they are together, look out!

  64. Sounds like you have a great time together. Happy SITS day!

    • Yes, we usually do have fun times when we hang. Thanks!

  65. Just from this single post I can tell there’s a tremendous amount of love and respect present within your family – thank you for sharing! Congratulations on your big SITS day, I’ll be following you, that’s for sure.

    • It’s gratifying to know that the love and respect shines through, despite the occasionally snarky comment. Thanks for following us. We love that!

  66. I am now drinking your Koolaid! Happily. You have been invited to join my Igoogle reader. It is reserved for only the best dontcha know.

    BTW – Where is your button for my blog roll?

    Congrats again on your feature – it is well deserved.

    • Thanks. We are beyond honored to be part of your elite few! Didn’t know I could add a button for you to put us on your blog roll. Damn! That seems like something that would have been good to know before today. I’ll look into it but, in the meantime, could you just add us anyway? We’ll love you for it. 🙂

  67. What a great premise for a Blog! I love it! I have twin daughters about to enter their teen years! Yikes! 🙂 I’ll also have 2 boys 18 & 20 & like you I am asked all the time how my kids got to be so great! I will enjoy reading you. I’m following your Blog now & you on Twitter! So glad we have “met!” 🙂

    • I am so pleased to have “met” you as well. Sounds to me like you should be writing the book… two girls and two boys, all teens-ish. If you survive, consider writing the book of how you did it!

  68. I have not been by in awhile but wanted to say happy SITS Day! Congrats to you all. I think anyone asking about how you are raising your children or giving you a compliment about it is the best compliment I can ever receive as a mother.

    • I completely agree. We may accomplish a lot in our lives but what do we do that matters more than putting some good people on the planet to carry on? Thanks for stopping by again.

  69. Happy SITS Day and what a beautiful, funny and warm family you have there! I wish you love, peace and abundant blessings and please keep the humor going… it helps a lot! From one mom with daughters (albeit 16 year old twins) to another!

    • Thanks so much for the nice response to the blog. I appreciate your good wishes. Back at ‘ya! And, yes, we’ll try to keep the humor going because without it, life’s just not much fun at all.

  70. I am so glad to have found you through the SITSTA-hood! Now that I have my own children I am constantly looking back at what my parents did to raise my brother and me in hopes that my kids turn out as well as I think he and I have. I love that this is a project you have taken on with your girls & cannot wait to explore your blog and I’m sure be waiting in anticipation for the book to become reality!

    Happy SITS Day! Mine is tomorrow…squee!

    • Yes, sometimes we learn from emulating our parents’ style and sometimes we must ignore it completely! Enjoy your SITS day. I gotta say, it’s a blast, your fifteen minutes of fame that last a whole 24 hours!

  71. Dad cracks me up!

    so glad I popped over from SITS –

    I am amazed though – I wonder if my sisters and I could do this sort of thing with my mother… you know, without bloodshed? I doubt it.

    • Yeah, we avoid sharp instruments when we’re together… just in case anything goes amuck. Dad cracks us up as well…. usually. 🙂

  72. What a beautiful blog!! Happy SITS Day!! My favorite is your *sister code* like Fight Club! I LOVE that!!

    • The Fight Club analogy is a good one… except when it really is fight club!

  73. What a journey! It’s nice that you use this blog to share your experiences as a mother to your three daughters. That’s very special. Stopping by from SITS! Hope your having a wonderful Summer, and congratulations on your daughter getting married. Much love – Ana

    • We do feel like what we can share is special. Not everyone can. And, yes, we’re having a fantastic summer. Enjoy yours as well.

  74. Happy SITS day! I think your book would be fabulous! I hope my relationship with my daughters turns out to be as good as yours!

    • Well, Jen, you’re on the right track. Really wanting a good relationship and making that a priority is where it all starts. I suspect you’ll succeed!

  75. Happy SITS Day! Wow you guys are great! May God bless ya’ll.

  76. Congrats on your SITS feature today! Reading through this post I think this is a really great format – I love the dialog and can’t wait to read more. Definitely sounds like you’re a tight family. I find it interesting though, that while the Dad owns an ice cream store the girls weren’t allowed to eat candy and other un-healthy foods. Did you eat the ice cream? (I, by the way, think ice cream is one of the best things ever invented, and I typically eat very healthfully!).

    • Well, while it was a tad ironic, the fact is that we didn’t outlaw all sweets, just wanted them kept in moderation. We all love ice cream and agree that it is possibly the best food ever invented. Could I live on it? Definitely, but, alas, I can’t, can I? But, you know what they say, “All things in moderation, including moderation.” Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  77. Congrats on your SITS day. I love this concept and I love the way the “conversation” flows between all of you. I’m not sure how you manage to get this written, but y’all do a really good job.

    • Truly, some days I’m not sure how we all get it written but, magically, it does often get done!

  78. Stopping by from SITS! Happy SITS day. Great blog.

  79. Happy SITS Day! I’m really close to my mom, so I’m very interested in seeing the full perspective here. Great idea! I’ll be back! ; )

    • You are lucky, as is your mom. I wasn’t that close with my mom and I think that was my whole motivation for wanting things with my girls to be better. Thanks for stopping by and coming back!

  80. Congrats on being featured in SITS today! I love “Dad’s” comment: Twix is a gateway drug. Hilarious!

    • Yes, he is hilarious and he prides himself on it. Guess in a house of all girls, that was his best method for survival. Thanks for checking in. Come back and visit!

  81. What a delightful blog. I’m one of three sisters and I’m a mom to three girls. How fabulous that you can all get together and share your different perspectives. I think the book is going to be amazing. Bravo! 😉

  82. Great idea for a blog. I love all the different views.


    I have a 16yr old and will marry a man with two daughters age 6 and 4. I guess they won’t be as close, but I will have three daughters.

    My mom found beer cans in my closet, but luckily she never knew I took my step dads car out joyriding at 13. 🙂

    On that note, wish me luck raising my kids! HA~

    • Well, think of it this way, with your history, you’ll be on the lookout for all kinds of things a less colorful mom might miss! Thanks for hanging with us.

  83. Its really a pleasue to see a family really be a family these days and care about each other.

    Congrats on your feature at SITS, you deserve it ad also congrats on the upcomig book, you certainly have an audience for it AND the material to complete it.

    • Somehow, we never run out of material. Now if only a publisher agrees we have something to say! Thanks for your good wishes!

  84. Congrats on your SITS day! You guys are hilariously funny! I will definitely be back often to see what you have to say. I love the family dynamic of mom and 3 sisters. I only have 1 sister but we both get along so well with our mom! I can totally relate to things you’ve posted about (except it was only my mom that raised us)! Thanks and congrats again!

    • The congrats should go to your mom… raising you herself and doing such a good job. Thanks, though!

  85. Congrats on your SITS day. Your blog is really great, I just wish the type was a wee bit bigger. My eyes are straining already and I’ve only read one post. Other than that, and that’s probably actually MY problem not yours, I love your blog and the idea behind it. I have 5 kids and their motto is you never, never, ever, rat out a bro or sis. They call it the ‘CODE’. I’ve sat them all down (when I know a crime has been committed) and they all just look at me with blank stares. Glad to see that it’s normal and you guys do it too. I never got along with my sister and we were both big tattle tales. Therefore it was really important to me to raise kids who respected and loved each other. My motto is, if you can’t get along with your own brothers and sisters then I can’t possibly let you out on the rest of the world. It’s worked wonders and they get along fabulously! I’ll be back.

    • Sounds like you raised yours right. I love the thought that if they can’t get along with each other, they may not be ready to take on the rest of the world. Sorry about the type size. I can see it just fine but only because I wear really strong glasses to read. I’ll use bigger font from now on. I appreciate the heads up. It’s surely not the goal to “strain” the audience!

  86. Congratulations on your SITS day!

  87. Congratulations on your day to shine with SITS.
    Sounds like you have been blessed. From one Debby to another – WAY TO GO!

    • Not just another Debby… one who spells it the right way to boot! Thanks for checking in. Yes, I am surely blessed.

  88. congrats on your sits feature! your blog is beautiful and i have to read through it now 😉
    greetings from austria

    • Austria? I was there for the first time three years ago when Shira student taught in England and then we met up for a little European travel. Gorgeous homeland you have! Thanks for stopping by.

  89. Congratulations on a well deserved feature. I have to echo what so many readers before me said; this is such an original idea, and such a great parenting resource.

    • We surely don’t mind the “echo” when it keeps saying such nice things. Thanks!

  90. Happy SITS Day! I have 2 girls myself, 14 & 20.

    • Girls are good, it’s true. Thanks for checking us out.

  91. Oh man you guys are hilarious! I am SUPER close with my sister (we basically refuse to make other friends because all we need is eachother) and whole family as well. Don’t mess with one of us or you’ll have to deal with all 5! Tamra, I hear the oldest sibling thing. I was the baby and by the time I was in high school my mom would joke that she was done with parenting so if I could just make good decisions for myself it would really be helping her out. For my family all of us felt compelled not to disappoint our parents “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed.” OH! Really?! Please just get angry disappointment is SO MUCH WORSE!

    Anyway, I’m sending your blog off to my sister and mom I think they’ll really like it too. And I’m off to snoop around some more. Enjoy your SITS day!

    PS. Dad – you are hilarious (and based on your one-liner alone seem a lot like my dad). I’ve heard Twix is a gateway drug too… and the bathing suit was probably closer to $100! Hehe.

    • Oh, Meaghan, I can tell you’re our kind of woman! It’s interesting, too. Our girls tend not to make a lot of friends and I do think it’s because they are each other’s best friends. And, if your sisters are your best friends, who can ever compete with that, right? PS. Dad loves you!

  92. Happy SITS day. I love that you all seem to be such a tight knit family unit. You may not think that your girls are extraordinary because they are simply nice girls; but unfortunately these days nice girls seem to be the exception. Kudos to you, dad, and the girls.

  93. You may be right. Nice girls may be the exception. In any case, I love having them around. Thanks for your kind words.

  94. happy SITS day ladies! I just subscribed to your RSS feed straight to my mailbox – what a treat! you are a beautiful family and I will enjoy reading much more. I have been married 13 1/2 years and we just started our family, we have a 2 year old and a 5 month old, and as many new parents we have lots of hopes and dreams for a wonderfully crazy journey of sharing life together. have a glorious day sweet bellas, and Dad too!

    • Love the title of your blog. I’m off to check it out! Thanks for subscribing, too.

  95. Happy SITS Day! Funny stuff – I will be back!

    • Thanks. We’ll try not to disappoint. Domestically Challenged. That’s funny.

  96. I LOVE your site. I think that this is a great key for keeping parent/child relationships healthy. It’s really amazing what you’ve done. I am so impressed. I hope that I can always have that type of open, trusting relationship with my children. I know we won’t {aren’t} perfect parents, but I hope that my children can feel safe to tell me my mistakes, and that I can feel safe and secure to discuss it. I just love your site!

    And now I don’t have guilt for letting my kids eat Lucky Charms for breakfast. lol.

    • Oh, believe me, we’re not perfect and no one hesitates to point out our mistakes! I’d have it no other way, though. Thanks for checking us out.

  97. Stopping from SITS! What a great blog. Hope you get your book deal!!

    • We hope so too! But, if not, we’re still having fun and learning some very cool things about each other.

  98. What a wonderful concept do you all have here. I hope some day I can do something similar with my now three year old daughter.

    Happe SITS Day, ladies! Enjoy the comment love today.

  99. Happy SITS day and I can’t wait to dig into your site! It looks amazing.

    • We’re happy to have you dig in. Let us know your thoughts! Thanks.

  100. Congrats on your SITS day. I really like this concept!

  101. We aim to please! Thanks for stopping by.

  102. Congratulations on your SITS day.
    I am so glad to find your blog and be a new follower. It is not every day that you find mother daughter relationships that are strong and healthy. Our world needs more of this.

  103. Yes, wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone loved her mother and treated her and herself with respect! Thanks for stopping over.

  104. I love how you all respond to one another. Its open and fun to read. I think its great that all of you participate together. My step-sister and I barely do anything together and I always feel bad about that.

    Happy SiTs Day!

  105. Maybe it’s not too late to start! Send her this blog site and see if she wants to chat about it. Maybe you and she will decide to be closer. It’s a new day tomorrow, you know!

  106. Happy SITS day!!

  107. LOL this post was too cute. I think its awesome that u r able to collaborate to write a blog together! congrats on having a cohesive, fun family!

    • I don’t think anyone’s ever called us cohesive before! Thanks!

  108. You guys are fantastic and remind me so much of me and my 3 girls. Mine are almost grown, 2 in their 20s and one who is 17. We have a blast when we are together and it sounds as if you do too! I will definitely be stalking, I mean following you!

  109. Great idea for a blog. I grew up with 2 brothers and a sister and I feel the same way about my parents as your daughters do about you. We had and still have the best relationship with them!!! I couldn’t ask for better parents and feel blessed on a daily basis.

    Now I am the mother to 4 boys!!! Youngest is 3 and the oldest is 12 so I hope I can be as good of parents as mine were and hope my boys all stay somewhat close to home when they are older 🙂

    Really enjoyed reading your girls comments about rules they liked or didn’t like!!

    Happy SITS Day!!


    • If you had good parents, it’s a cinch that you are good parents! Wow, 4 boys. That can’t be easy or boring!

  110. Congratulations on your big day. Stopping by from SITS. As a Mom of 2 little boys, it’s a completely different but very helpful perspective. Look forward to reading more.

  111. I really love this, what a unique approach to blogging! Congrats on your SITS day.

  112. Happy SITS day! I too was raised in an extreme junk free zone, and as much as I struggled against it then, I am grateful for those lessons now!

  113. Love your blog and am a new follower. I come from a very close family and didn’t think there were anymore like us around – LOL I’m the “middle” child and my brother is 5 years older and my sister is 5 years younger; so we were never real close and kids. But now that we are grown that has changed. My husband and I have 2 grown children – a son and a daughter who have turned out OK in spite of us – LOL And they have given us 4 grandsons and 1 adorable little grandaughter. It is interesting to watch them raise their children. And it is also interesting to see how much more we let the grandkids get away with than we did their parents!

    Congratulations on your SITS Day! I look forward to following your blog.

  114. Welcome new follower! We love those! I’m not surprised that grandparents let the kids get away with much more… they don’t suffer the consequences. You’re free to just enjoy the kids, right? Someone should spoil them. Isn’t that the grandparents’ job? Thanks for checking in.

  115. Absolutely enjoyed my visit here! What a fabulous blogging concept too! (Dad’s comment at the end…priceless!)

    Happy SITS Day!

    Will definitely be back for more!

  116. Best featured blog I’ve read! You guys are terrific. I’m a daughter and a mom of a daughter, so I am really interested in what you have to say. Recently, I became friends with a couple in my town who are older than me and my husband and they have three boys ranging in age from 11 to 17 and all three were so polite, talented and interesting. I asked my friends what their parenting secret is! Your blog is the same idea. If you are on the other side of parenting — most of the heavy lifting is done — and your kids are happy, functioning adults who still like you, then you have something to teach me! My kids are 7 and 3 and I can only hope that in 20 years, we’re all still friends.

  117. Dear 3 sisters, amazing moms and dad! I have to tell you that I am SO glad to have found this. I am a middle child of 4; 3 girls also…I also have 3 children of my own…critters at this point compared to the loverly women you have raised; however, I also come from the most messed up dilluted parents ever. GAWD I love them, but really…some of this post made me twitch with flashbacks of my father’s punishing me for telling a boy to stick it where his sun doesn’t shine by making me read “The 5 Little Pepperpots and How they Grew” and write a 5 page, grammatically correct report on it….or how my mother watched my youngest siblings (seistor and brotha) drop out of highschool when her and my father combined forced education down my throat to the point where I didn’t select any courses for highschool or college…they did.

    Sometimes I look back and try to do exactly what this post does…see where my parents (either separately or unified) did right by us or were severly drunk. I feel that now, as a mother, I am using my reflections as a parenting guide but feel that I too and searching for answers…perhaps this will help.

    Ok, I have rambled on enough, but really you should totally be proud as I haven’t swore once on your blog..well…I insinutated it, but it never came out…

    see you’re already helping!!!

    Congratulations on your SITstahs day!!! Sooo totally deserving.


  118. You are totally wonderful for saying such nice things. Best featured blog! High praise, indeed. I bet your kids and you will be friends forever. (BFF, if you will) You’re off to a good start — you want it and you’re thinking about how to make it happen. Good luck!

  119. Congratulations on your SITS day! I enjoyed the multiple perspectives!

  120. It sounds like you do have amazing daughters!! So much fun to read about your lives. Love the wedding photos!

    Happy SITS day!

    • If you think it’s fun reading about our lives, you’d love living them! Thanks for your kind words about the photos. Would you believe the wedding was in October and we still don’t have the photo album?

  121. Happy SITS Day! Our SITS day was on Monday and we loved all the comments and had so much fun w/ it as I know you are as well! 🙂

  122. I love how you write your posts as a family, even Dad chimes in!

    Happy SITS feature day!

    • Yeah, our whole lives are kind of just that same way. Thanks for checking in.

  123. What a beautiful, beautiful idea. So inclusive, I love it!

    • Well, we figured inclusive was the best idea because if one of us was left out, that would be wrong. 🙂

  124. Congrats on your SITS day. You have beautiful daughters with great personalities!

    • True. Often their personalities are great. And then there are those days….

  125. Happy SITS DAY to all of you!!!! You deserve it! I have a 7 year old daughter who is already amazing! What a blessing!

    • She is lucky to have a mom who appreciates her. You are both blessed.

  126. what a great blog, I love the idea, love the family just love it all! My husband and I have two daughters and so far so good. One is 15 and one is 9 and I have to say sometimes when something major (or minor) in our lives happen I think ‘how is this going to effect them later, as a grown up? how are they going to look back on this” so I absolutely love the idea of getting the girls prospective! Happy SITS day!

    • I have to admit, it has been interesting. Their perspectives have often not been what I expected. We are learning a lot!

  127. I love your style and your panache with raising girls! I have two little ones and I can only aspire to doing what you all have done: remain friends and love each other, and LIKE each other! Fingers crossed! Love the blog and happy SITS day!

    • I think the fact that we like each other is the most important thing of all. Loving your kids comes somewhat with the territory but everyone has to earn being liked. We are lucky.

  128. Happy SITS day! What a great idea for a blog! I love that mom and the girls write, write, write…. and then Dad has one line at the bottom! Too funny!

  129. I am late for SITS day, I know, but I have to say I love this blog! I will tell all my friends raising kids about you. Amazing!!!!!!

    • It is never too late to tell us how much you like the blog! We always accept compliments.

  130. This is AWESEOME – a blog shared by the whole family! I love the interaction and fun! I’ve so enjoyed meeting your family.

    I only had a brother growing up… *rolls eyes*… ‘nuf said. LOL!

    Congratulations on being featured blogger… er, bloggers. Yeah, group hug! ♥

    Have a beautiful day! =)

  131. We are having a beautiful day. We’ve had a ball “meeting” so many terrific readers.

  132. I was an only child so the whole sister dynamic is a mystery to me. Love reading your stories! p.s. happy SITS day after!

    • Well, whether raising one daughter or many, the goal is still the same, right? Thanks for checking us out. Hope you enjoy the stories.

  133. Congrats on your SITS day! Love your writing styles

  134. Stopping in from SITS. Congrats on being featured! And sorry late!

    I love the conversational style with which you write! It’s so much fun to read the back and forth between mom and daughters!

    • Hey, better late than never. So glad you caught us on a good day!

  135. So glad I found your blog! I have three daughters of my own (and one son) and I am hoping to survive their teenage years. I grew up with 5 brothers and NO sisters. So I am really envious and grateful at the same time that my girls have each other. They may not appreciate each other all the time now, but I hope they will grow up to be as great and as good of friends as your girls!

    • It’s highly likely your kids will be good friends. It all starts with you making that a priority and clearly, you have. Thanks for reading us.

    • Good news… you will survive their teen years. It’s the only option! And, I bet your kids will be friends. Making that a priority is where it all starts. We taught our girls from the beginning that nurturing their sister relationships was a must do. They have.

  136. I absolutely adore this blog what a fabulous idea! I think more people should follow your example, they way every had a say and bounced back and forth it really showcases your relationship in an admirable way. The last comment was hysterical. Congratulations on being featured, very deserved!

    Raising Girls


  137. Happy SITS day! 3 weeks ago you wrote on my blog on my SITS day and said that I have done an amazing job raising my 2 boys individually, plus some other nice things. And now I see how you know! You have raised 3 amazing girls and have done it positively. You have 3 great individual ladies here and it is a direct result of you. Great job mama!

    • Wow, thanks. I love this supportive community, don’t you?

  138. Congratulations on your SITS day, but more importantly on having a wonderful family! I look forward to reading your blog. I have a 26 yr. old son, a 23 yr. old daughter and a 13 (yikes) yr. old daughter. Sometimes I feel like I live in a parallel universe!

    • Yeah, it’s pretty weird in that parallel universe. Been there many times.

  139. What an interesting take on blogging!

    • Thanks! We try to be a bit different or what’s the point?

  140. Thanks for stopping by my “freshly pressed” blog. I am a SITS Girl but realize I missed this because I was on vacation. Sorry I missed. What a great blog and idea. Although I am afraid my list of mistakes would be much longer than my “what I did right” list. But all parents probably feel that way. This may become my new bible – my daughter is only 12.5. There is still the chance for her to turn out great 🙂 Actually she is great but she is also 12.5.

    You asked how I got freshly pressed? Who knows – I was surprised myself. But here’s a list of 5 parameters:

    Looking forward to getting parenting tips I can really use from your blog.

    • Thanks for the information. I’m so glad you found us, too. Here’s the thing about your daughter… if she’s already fabulous at 12.5, there’s an excellent chance you’ll still like her at 20.5. Okay, we won’t talk about the years between 13 and 18, but other than those, she’s likely to be just as phenomenal as she is now!

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