About Raising Amazing Daughters

Once upon a time in the 90s, after being a teacher for ten years and a Newspaper in Education Manager for several years, I wrote not one but two parenting books. I even appeared on Good Morning America in 1997. Clearly, I was an expert, right? Well, I thought so. Since then, I’ve continued writing, with my educational material syndicated in newspapers and on the Parade Magazine education website. I’ve also written two fiction stories for young readers that have also been published in newspapers across the country and in Canada.

So, I’ve been busy, working and doing the best I could, along with my very funny husband/business partner (now that’s a whole other blog), Ned, to raise our girls. Now my girls are grown and in their 20s. I no longer have to “think” I was a good parent, now I can look at the girls and figure it out. After all, if the goal of parenting is to raise happy and well-adjusted kids with good hearts and giving souls, then being able to see them as adults should indicate whether we achieved the goal. We think so, but of course, their stories are still being written on a daily basis. They all grew up to be teachers so we think that’s a good sign. They grew up to be people who, for lack of a better description, need people so I guess they’re the “luckiest people in the world.”

At the wedding of our oldest daughter, Alexis, people kept coming up and saying, “Your daughters are amazing,” and other similar sentiments. The thing is — they’re not extraordinary. They’re just regular people. They’re not curing cancer in the basement, they’re not star athletes, they’ve never won any fabulous prizes, they’re just living their lives, seeking joy and fulfillment in life’s simple pleasures. In other words, they’re amazing.

This blog offers the thoughts, hopes and dreams of an ordinary mother and her three grown daughters. We write about the parenting strategies of the family, and, now that the kids are grown, how it all worked out. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us as we continue to learn, grow and laugh (especially laugh) as a family. We’re Debby, Ned, Alexis, Tamra and Shira, and we’re happy to “virtually” meet you! If you want to send me an email and not post on the blog, feel free! dcc1206@comcast.net.

From left, Alexis, Tamra and Shira



  1. Awesome. I’m totally into this and will continue to read RAD Blog. With little ones–6, 4, and almost 3–it will be refreshing to read about the “big kids” once in a while.

    Cheers, and all the best in 2010–

  2. A very happy (and clearly busy) new year to you, too! I’m so happy you found and enjoy this blog. Our girls were the same amount of years apart as your children. It was quite a lively home, but fun a lot of the time, too. And, do remember this when you are on the verge of losing_____ (fill in the blank here, your cool, your mind, your last bit of sanity, etc.). They really do grow up and what’s 6, 4 and 3 today is 28, 26 and 25 almost overnight. It’s still fun, I’m not gonna lie, but it’s so different. I like these days too, but sometimes I miss the earlier ones. I rarely get to tuck anyone in anymore. I remember being exhausted when doing that every night, but now I miss it!

  3. Hi, thanks for finding my blog. I’m happy to follow you and will give you my address for the jewelry but I would like to email you directly. I’m a bit computer challenged so I apologize if your email address or cantact info is here staring me in the face and I can’t find it Lol! You can email me at menonewmom@yahoo.ca with your contact info and I’ll happily email my mailing address back to you. Have a great day, Deb

  4. Hey, I found you through SITS and will definitely be following! I have 15 and 9-year-old daughters, and could use all the advice I can get!


  5. Thanks for stopping by. My girls and I will be so happy to hear from you and share our thoughts. We love putting our two cents (8 cents if you add them all up) into other peoples’ lives! Enjoy the 9-year-old while you can. Soon, she’ll be heading into those thrill ride years!

  6. Happy to find your blog! I’ve got four girls (so far)!

  7. HI

    Thank you so much for finding my blog and following it

  8. […] a mom, three daughters and a dad; and their stories about raising their 3 girls, now grown women raisingamazingdaughters You must stop by and enjoy this blog about thoughts, hopes and dreams of an ordinary mother and her […]

  9. I featured you on Tuesday Chatter http://amanpan.com/2016/03/15/tuesday-chatter-19/

  10. Hi, nice to meet you. I am Lynn, I read about you on a friend’s blog amanpan!

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