Posted by: Deborah Drezon Carroll | August 25, 2010

What Would Your Movie Be Titled?

I just read an online review of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” An anonymous tweet below the review (sorry I don’t know who wrote it or I’d give credit) said something like, “I don’t know if I’ll see the movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” but if it was called “Drink, Swear, Sleep,” I probably would.” It cracked me up. I wondered what title would most fit my life and compel me to go to the movies.Or, what title would the movie have if I wrote it? I’m thinking, “Laugh, Bitch, Run.”

If Elizabeth Gilbert (author Eat, Pray, Love) wrote about the things that got her through life (and truth be told I didn’t read the book so I only know what I’ve heard about it), and those were her three, fine. Whatever works, right? For me, the behaviors that get me through this crazy existence are definitely laughing, bitching, and running. (Okay, there are more including chocolate, writing, reading, etc. but the movie title gets less poetic after three words.)

Here’s why I picked those three…

Laugh? A necessity. Life is often absurd. If you can’t laugh, you can only cry, and I prefer the former. I try to find humor in as many things as possible. It keeps me sane. (Okay, Carroll girls, I know what you’re thinking.)

Bitch? I’ll explain. It’s not just bitching, it’s more commentary on… well, pretty much any and everything. Sometimes, yes bitching is in order. Other times it’s not so much bitching as just observations and… yes, I admit… sometimes it’s judging. But, without the ability to narrate my life verbally, I couldn’t live happily ever after. So, yes, “bitch”, mostly because “commentary” is not a good word for a movie title.

Run? Yes, I must include this because if I couldn’t run or exercise in some way, I wouldn’t be happy. In fact, I’d be downright crabby. (Not to mention much chubbier than I am!) It’s not because I love exercise. Most days I dread it, but without exception, when I’m done I feel great, so it’s in my movie title as an essential part of life. I wish I was one of those people who experienced the runner’s high and really looked forward to running. But I actually think the runner’s high is a myth perpetrated by people who don’t want to drink or use dubious substances to get high so they really want to believe they can achieve that same feeling from running. If only! I’ve been running for 25 years off and on. Probably thousands of runs, let’s say. Not one runner’s high. Still, it’s in my title because it makes me live a better life.

What would your movie title be?

(Side note to other moms out there: Don’t you think this is a cool thing to ask your kids? It might help you get a good sense of what’s important to them in their lives if you ask them what their three-word movie title would be.)

Tamra Writes:

It is hard to pick three words that are the MOST important things in my life. I could think of a million words, play, eat, sleep, dance, make fun of people, party, shop, travel, complain, teach, work, blah blah blah.

I guess if I have to pick 3 that are appropriate for a movie mine would “Laugh, Music, Chocolate”, (either that or “I’m Darn Fabulous” – no explanation needed on that one).

Laugh? Because I love to laugh. I love to make people laugh and honestly, I love to make myself laugh. No one laughs at me more than me! It feels good to laugh, it means you’re having a good time, and everyone wants to be around the people who are laughing (unless you’re the one they’re laughing at…). Laughter is a part of my day every day, and without it, things just wouldn’t be any fun.

Music? I need music and I love music. There is nothing like a jamming to a good song in the car to make you feel happy or excited. It pumps you up when you’re excited, and can calm you down when you’re upset. I always have music in my classroom for the kids to listen to. I always have a song in my head (even if it is “Her name is Lola…”). For me, everything is better with music.

Chocolate? I have a small chocolate addiction. I could eat tons of candy every day (probably because I was deprived as a child). But still, I love it. If Twix is a gateway drug, then I’m on the road to some hardcore drugs.

I know I only get three, but god, I love to shop.

Also, I hope if when my movie comes out that there is merchandise coming out of people’s ears with my 3 words on it – candles, towels, toilet seat covers, the works…

Some moms might not want to know what their teenagers 3 words would be…

Shira writes:

Hmm, it’s definitely hard to narrow down to three. But I’m going to go with “Dance, Play, Bake”

Dance: I am by no means a professional dancer. The closest I’ve come to is a salsa class I once took at my high school’s adult school. I’m not even going to say I’m a particularly good amateur dancer. Despite that, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Whether it’s at a wedding with my sisters, a bar with my friends, or alone in my bedroom, dancing has always been one of my favorite releases. I can choose music that fits my mood, and it always makes me feel better.

Play: Everyone else was saying “laugh” so I thought I’d mix it up. I like to do things that are fun. If there’s laughter involved, that’s definitely a plus.

Bake: It started out as a way to relieve stress in college, and it evolved into something I really love to do. I started baking and decorating cupcakes to brighten up even the tiniest of occasions. It’s nice to know there’s something that I’m good at, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s cake.

Alexis Writes:

I am way too complex an individual to choose just three words to describe me. In the words of  my sisters’ and my favorite comedian, Dane Cook, “Words don’t control us.” And I won’t allow them to control me and how I define myself. I however will describe myself in one word and that is FABULOUS. That’s my movie title.



  1. What an interesting post! I’ll play. The three words that get me through life are: Drink, Read, Cook.

    Drink? Whether it’s coffee in the morning or wine at the end of the day these bookends of my day give me something to look forward to that’s just for me.

    Read? I love getting lost in a book. Whether it’s a new age philosophy book or a trashy fiction novel I love getting engrossed in another world.

    Cook? I love to cook. I love to watch food network. I love trying out new recipes. I love the way it makes my house smell. The only problem is that I’m not cooking up brussel sprouts and broccoli so if I had to tag on a fourth word it would have to be diet :/

    • I am so with you on your bookends! (And I love that image of bookends of your day. Very poetic!) And, it’s just as well you’re not cooking sprouts and broccoli or your house wouldn’t smell nearly as good. 🙂

  2. Alexis is cracking me up. I’d go see it.

    Three words – laugh, boys, write

    Laugh – because you’re so correct. Without laughter, I would crack.

    Boys – because my life is full of them and they make my world go round – my incredible father and brother, my husband, my sons, friends. What can I say, I adore them.

    Write – because I’ve rediscovered its power to cleanse my brain and soul. And Lord knows I’ve been needing a good scrub for quite some time.

    Don’t know if anyone would care to see it, but that’s all I got. You’re right, great question for the kids. I’m thinking at the dinner table tonight.

  3. Ooh, let us know what the kids say. Cool dinner table question.
    Love your take on writing’s power to cleanse, btw.

  4. Love this post! My movie title is “Teach, Diet, Play.”
    Teach: Although I’m retired from the classroom, I find myself still teaching my grandchildren, my husband, anyone who will listen!
    Diet: Need I say more?
    Play: I love to play with my grandkids, games with family and friends, solitary games that supposedly keep my brain young!
    The sequel will be “Sleep, Travel, Eat Anyway!”

  5. HA! Eat Anyway made me laugh out loud. Mine would probably be “Eat More, What the Hell?” You’re the first to say “teach” but I suspect that really is part of everyone’s life, don’t you think?

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! and for voting!

    My title would be Love, Learn, Laugh

    Love: Well obviously I’m in love. My fiance is the single greatest thing to happen to me. I also love my family fiercly (even when I hate them) and have an amazing support system in friends, especially my bestie. Loving these people keeps me going.

    Learn: I work full time but I’m in college part time. I love learning. Love reading. I get bored when I’m not learning anything new. I don’t always retain every small thing but learning is an integral part of my life.

    Laugh: There are 3 people in my life who can make me laugh uncontrollably. One is my fiance. We sit around and laugh for hours sometimes. Another is my sister who has the exact same laugh as me! Sometimes its soundless because the laugh is so hard you can’t breath through it and it makes no noise. She also does my trademark knee slap when she’s really cracking up. The last is my BFF who has an amazing memory and is able to remind me of every single silly…or stupid…thing I’ve ever done so that we can laugh about it all over again.

    I haven’t read Eat, Pray, Love either but it’s on my “to read” list for the library. I probably won’t see the movie until it’s out on video.

    • Ooh, good title and alliteration! I love it. Thanks for playing with us.

  7. OH, I love it Alexis! Dane Cook is also one of my fave comedians. And, the fabulous? Perfect. There is a drink at one of my favorite restaurants and I order it for dessert. It is called the Absolutely Fabulous martini (with peach vodka and champagne).

    • Any drink with peach vodka and champagne is absolutely fabulous! Thanks for checking us out. Alexis loves it when people think she’s funny!

  8. My three words are Tay, Spence and thrills. Tay is my star because she has the uncanny ability to touch my heart virtually no effort–simply by loving life and exploring her natural talents, intelligence and curiosity. She takes my breath away. Spence because his personality combines the drive of a competitor, the charisma of a successful politician and the innocence of someone who still believes in Santa. Finally, thrills since everyone of life’s challenges lead to adrenaline rushes with the hope of sucess and the fear of defeat! It makes life meaningful and gives each of us purpose.

    • Loving, lovely and lyrical! Your kids are lucky to have a dad who feels that way. And you are lucky to appreciate them. Remember, though, it couldn’t all have been luck. You must have done something right!

  9. mine might be something like
    laugh, cry, love

    what a great 1st post to read, stopping by from SITS

  10. So glad you did stop by. I think it’s great that we all love to laugh so much. And, of course, those of us who love to laugh, often also cry. We’re emotional people, after all!

  11. Hi Mrs. Carroll, it’s your good friend Cory, you may remember me from feeding me french toast around 9am at Tamra’s house in Manayunk. I like your blog.


    • Thanks, Cory. I do remember feeding you guys. Anytime you want more, ask Tamra. (Okay, she doesn’t cook but she can phone home.)

  12. It’s been a long week and it’s only Tuesday… but today, my movie would sound something like “Caffeine, Kids, Sleep” ….

    • Sounds pretty much like every parents movie. Well, except for the sleep. Not too many of us are getting enough of that!

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