Posted by: Deborah Drezon Carroll | December 20, 2009

Snow is a parent’s dream?

Huge snow today, I think the second-largest total in Philly history. Couldn’t help but remember the many snows when the girls were little. Our driveway is long and requires a lot of work to shovel it. So, there we were with every storm, out there shoveling away, me, Ned, each with our snow shovel and Alexis, Tamra and Shira, each with their own small, orange plastic snow shovel. We had our reasons for this. First, when you have a huge driveway, every little bit shoveled helps. So, even those tiny orange shovel-fulls helped clear a spot. Plus, the girls wanted to play in the snow. We did, too, but like a lot of life, first the work, then the play. We got the shoveling done and then we’d all head to the backyard to make snowmen, snow ladies and snow angels.

And, the thing is that snow shoveling was going to be a fact of their lives if they grew up and chose to live here. They may as well have learned early to navigate the ins and outs of shoveling. Lift with your legs, not your back, etc. It was a good thing we got them used to shoveling, too because one winter Shira and I were home alone over a Valentine’s Day weekend. Ned had gone to San Francisco to visit friends. Huge snowfall, totaling about 28 inches over the two days. We could only find one snow shovel. Guess the other one had gotten buried in the snow as it fell. So, there we were, me and Shira digging our way out of 28 inches of snow with one snow shovel and one tiny, orange plastic….

Fun times… nice memories.



  1. Good thing we did all that practice as children. Shira and I shoveled 5 times in the last 24 hours and I’ve had to take 4 ibuprofen from the back pain.

    Are we too old to call dad to dig our cars out??

    • Oops…for the back pain. Not from. As an amazing daughter, I can’t have a typo up there.

    • We only had one shovel! Do you think I should have called Dad to bring us another?

      • You can’t call dad to do stuff if you’re married. It’s not right.

  2. I remember that day. Mom made us go out every 2 hours to shovel. Then we made homemade pizza from scratch. Tamra and I are making a frozen pizza as I type this (not as much work, but will probably taste pretty good). Are we going to have a snow day tomorrow?

  3. Perhaps when we were learning to shovel, we should also have been learning to blog, because this is my second attempt. Anyway, I remember that snow storm when Dad was away. After we went out every 2 hours to shovel (oy), we made pizza from scratch. As I type this, I’m in the process of making a frozen pizza for Tamra and me. Not as much work, but will probably taste pretty good. Who thinks we’re having a snow day tomorrow?

  4. Someone definitely should have taught Shira how to blog since she just posted the same thing twice.

    We only had one shovel also! Not only did we have to shovel our walkway and steps, but we had to dig out both of our cars which was not pretty.

    And…I did email dad asking him to put trashcans to save mine and Shira’s spots – darn city living…but I don’t think that’s the same as asking him to come shovel…

  5. After shoveling 24 inches of snow with your Mom I was wondering when I am able to call my daughters for help. Alexis says not until I’m 60. Well I’m now 59 and a half. I hope you 3 are not screening your calls for next winter’s snowfalls.

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