Posted by: Deborah Drezon Carroll | November 18, 2009

Hello world!

Tamra and Shira before the wedding

Tamra and Shira getting ready with the bride.

Mom and Alexis

Our oldest daughter got married on Halloween. It was a blast, enjoyed by one and all. I was touched by the number of people who commented on our “three amazing daughters.” So many friends wanted to know our secret. How did we raise, not one, not two, but three who turned out so well? They’re wonderful people with good hearts and souls. They all chose to become elementary school teachers, which, I think, is an illustration of what went right with them. They all grew up to be people who want to serve, to make a difference. They chose to be people who chose passion over money. So, I asked myself, “How did that happen?” And, I set out to look back and find the keys to raising great kids. People kept saying that my kids were extraordinary but I think that the point is just the opposite. They’re not extraordinary. They’re ordinary, regular folks living good lives. It wasn’t necessary for them to be high achievers in the usual sense of the word. They just needed to be content and fulfilled.

So many parents raise their kids to reach high to achieve the pinnacle of success. We just wanted ours to be happy, to be good souls, to care about themselves and others. Was that a secret? I don’t know. I do know that when I look at the girls, I see three amazing people.

This blog is dedicated to that, the search for the truth about raising kids to go out into the world as happy, satisfied and caring people. What do my girls think is the way to do that? I’ll ask them and hope that others will join the conversation.



  1. I loved reading your blog. Good luck with the book writing.
    Would you want to hear from other “3 grown sisters”??
    I personally believe that unconditional love is the magic ingredient in raising children. [ I surely needed that in raising the twins!!!!!]

    • Thanks for reading and checking in. I would absolutely love to hear from “3 grown sisters.” I think it would be very cool for other parents to look at what we’re doing here and to offer their thoughts on what they did in similar situations and what worked and what didn’t. Hey, we made it through and have good kids, right? What could the experts know that we don’t?

  2. The girls are absolutely gorgeous. But, then again, I don’t need to tell you that. I think that you have a great site and I look forward to reading more. I think writing a book is a great idea.

    Good luck in all your endeavors,

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